Split OpenAFS volumes in version 1.4.x

I had to split the volumes on my server, in order to ease the management. In the OpenAFS 1.5.x branch, the volume server has a vos split command, which is not available for 1.4.x installations. Moving the dat arraound is not an option, since it does not preserves the ACL data. I came up with the following script:

It has certain drawbacks, like it’s not a move command but a copy, because it’s based in the AFS up command, so it requires you to have enough free space on the partition. It is also required to use the full path of the directory to split like /afs/cell/somefolder/dirtosplit. Besides that, it helped me to automate the splitting of several huge volumes.

You can check the help with the -h option, and you can test that all variables are properly set before executing using the -t option.


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