Hacking the Adobe Lightroom Catalog

I had a problem the other day.. I wanted to moved all my Photographs from my workstation to my server, and access them over the network. The main issue is that I keep all of them organized in Adobe Lightroom catalogs (v. 1.4.1), and it does not allow the catalogs to be in network drives. That’s not a big deal, as I prefer to have the catalogs local (just a couple of GBs) and the bulk of the files in the server (around 130 GBs).

Since I moved the files using a USB drive, the Catalog had all files referencing the location of the drive. So I first tried to “find missing folders” option to relocate them. Unfortunately it asks me to apply the changes to every folder manually, and that was too much work. Besides, it was renaming the folder entry to “/new-path/date”, which looks very ugly and renders the folder browser in the library useless.
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